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Published on January 5, 2016

This film is the 2010 recipient of the Grand Prize award for LinkTV’s One Chicago, One Nation film competition. Using the music video format as a subversive tool of engagement and collaboration, artist Anida Yoeu Ali and filmmaker Masahiro Sugano, worked with over 100 diverse volunteers, participants and community members in the Chicagoland area. In their film, narratives collide with music, poetry and politics to create a complex and layered experience. A poet, dancer, angel, prisoner converge with community to speak, deflect, and intervene against racial profiling and hate crimes. Featured portraits represent real American Muslims in Chicago, people who refuse to end in violence. Central to the video is an unapologetic poem, a response to injustices directed against the Muslim community that reflect both the absurdity and dangers of racially-motivated fears. “1700%” refers to the rate of increase in hate crimes committed against people perceived as Muslim or Arab after 9/11. The video is one facet of a larger ongoing project titled “1700% Project” utilizing art as a form of strategic intervention to present works that challenge monolithic stereotypes of Muslims. For more information visit: http://1700percent.org/

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  1. Ccaminha

    I sad to see the amount of prejudice people suffer because of religion, everyone should be free to believe in the God they want to – or none if they want too. Freedom of religion tho, cannot surpass freedom of speech. If someone wants to say bad things about Christians, or Muslims, or whatever then so be it! Censoring will only give them more reasons too! We should change people’s views with positive actions.

    • ZXD22

      Yes it is very apauling to see the amount of prejudice acts in the world today, especially as it is rising every day as ISIS continues to condone its inhumane violence on the innocent. People need to learn how to forgive one another and make amends, help each other and make each other stronger and united.

  2. Kimberly Davis

    Awesome and deep. There is so much hate in the world at the moment because of ISS that people are not stopping to think. Not all Muslims are bad, it is the Extremist such as ISS that are the issue. There was mention of “towel heads” and the Shek’s being mistaken for Muslim. Sheks are helping us to fight ISS and are not Muslim. They are an entirely different belief system. So in the end…. ISS is winning because they are doing what they set out to do, divide the world, spreading hate, spreading fear. Let’s stop all that and take down ISS.

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