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Published on April 27, 2017

The age of the sex robot is here. Is the world ready? Are relationships ready?

Indiegogo campaign live here: Website:

  1. The world would not be ready, we generally are always afraid of change. But I think this is a great advancement since not all people have relationships, and not all relationships are physical at most. This will surely provide the needs of millions when it comes to their sexual needs. May the world be ready at some time

  2. Peaceman

    I think it will depends on the person., especially on guys. Everyone wants pleasure every now and then, but its our own choice if we want to use sex robots or not. Sex robots give us great pleasure, but it will not give us the emotion or feelings that we want. If you want to try an adventure together with partner, why don’t you try sex robots. It might get your relationship more satisfying.

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