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Published on May 21, 2016

Check out Juggling Suns performing a parody of the Beatles Revolution in support of Bernie Sanders. Official video to follow. Neil Garthly – drums, lyrics Bruce Wigdor – keyboards, vocals, lyrics Michael Rosenow – bass Mark Diomede – guitar, vocals, lyrics Jess Garthly – lyrics

  1. kootlefoosh

    It’s interesting to think that Bernie Sanders and the Beatles are part of the same generation, because you can definitely see some of their people-first love-inspired philosophy in Bernie’s policies. It’s too bad Bernie is falling behind in the primaries, because I do truly believe that if John Lennon was alive today, he would be voting for Bernie. (Well, if he was a citizen here, he would be anyways.)

  2. Raymond Fountain

    This is a great song, and very fitting! Sadly the term “revolution” has won a very negative connotation over the years as it has been assosiated with failed states. But Sanders has brought it back to the light to its original meaning: challenging the status quo. Great video, it fulfills its purpose.

  3. cristian jorja

    I am pretty sure that America will grieve this man’s campaign. We might not realize it now but we are in for a wild ride with Hilary or Trump. I’m moving to Bernie’s house when it all goes down.

  4. Tyler Cole

    I love everything this video represents. At the end of the day, all we need is love. Bernie is the model representation of what every politician should be. Unfortunately, there are more often than not, power plays are made by politicians scheming to advance their separate agendas. Unfortunately, these power plays are made against honest politicians, like Bernie. I only hope that one day there is a government that uproots the corrupt and embodies the true American Dream.

  5. Kavon

    Cool video. Do you think that Sanders supporters will support Clinton? Sanders endorsed Clinton a few days ago, but this has alienated many of his former supporters. Perhaps they’re so angry at Clinton that they won’t support her, even if this means allowing Trump to win the presidency.

  6. Cameron Moore

    I love how they did this song and incorporated someone in the lyrics that could actually help start a modern-day “revolution”. One that the Beatles were calling for in the 1960’s. There is no reason Sanders’ supporters should refuse supporting Clinton. He endorsed her after all. She is extremely progressive compared to her counter part and therefore should be the practical choice among fans of Sanders’ policies who are looking to vote appropriately.

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