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Published on January 6, 2016

BMW Films – The Hire – Ambush 2001 S1-1/5

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  1. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    Huh, it’s just like The Transporter. But instead of Jason Statham it’s Clive Owen, and instead of Audi, it’s BMW. I quite enjoyed it actually. The car chase in this was really well done.

  2. gareth

    nice car.
    eating diamonds is it safe

    • ZXD22

      Eating diamonds is safe? I don’t think so haha! @GARETH

  3. Kimberly Davis

    Interesting chase segment. Very well done. I love the way Clive kept a straight face throughout the scenes. Not even a flinch. Awesome how they got away, especially the end. Definitely two thumbs up to the director.

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