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Published on January 3, 2016

We think they may have been looking for tacos. Not sure. Please call 702-385-5555 – LVMPD Crime Stoppers – with any information or tips related to this crime. E-mail greg@frijoles.vegas for all media inquiries. We will timely respond to e-mails. Burglary occurred at 3:33 AM on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 7000 W. Charleston Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV. http://www.frijoles.vegas #Trolling (Music: Modern Jazz Samba, Kevin MacLeod @ incompetech.com)

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  1. Paul Cousens

    That is a really cool commercial. I never seen one like that.

    Regarding stupid criminals I remember reading about one who tried to pay for off a court fine using quarters he stole from a cash for quarter machine the day before.

  2. walkertexasranger

    Homeboy just wanted a taco. Straight up. For real though, I love this. This restaurant is dope for embracing the crime and finding the humor in the situation. On another note, do these guys not realize that places of business probably wouldn’t leave any money in the register overnight? It’s either in the safe, or in a bank.

  3. Ashley

    I loved how they turned a bad thing into a good thing. This really makes me want to try the tacos out. I already searched the place up to go since I live in Las Vegas too.

  4. Adam

    Wow, I really like the fact that this taco place can make a funny video out of this, and not only use it as a crime stopper advertiser, but also as an advertisement for their own business, and in a funny way. I’d definitely love to try out their tacos and see what causes this “craziness”, haha. Hopefully, they don’t make fake tacos like Taco Bell’s processed garbage.

  5. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    This is such a good marketing plan. Turning a tragedy that could possibly ruin your business into a probable profit by making an awesome, funny commercial. These burglars must have felt really good being viral on the internet :D.

    Anyone who’s in charged in making this video should get a raise haha.

  6. Ashley Collingwood

    All that just for some tacos. Yet at the same time can you blame the guy? Tacos are the best thing in the world. Imagine how popular that’s made the restaurant look, too!!

  7. Ccaminha

    That was genial. They turned a burglary into propaganda and also made their faces known to public. If I lived near it I would totally go there, also their tacos seems to be very tasty.

  8. Rae

    Somebody get these dudes some tacos! Really, though, that’s a clever way to advertise- and also to catch the criminals.

  9. ZXD22

    He just wanted some tacos, lmao! I would have bought him some. I love tacos myself too! It is really one of the best dinner choices out there in my opinion with a little spice and magic!

  10. Kassy G

    Whoever edited this is such a genius!! The text and emoticons made it even funnier! I hope they catch those men. Hopefully the business didn’t suffer too much because of these men’s dumb behavior. Too bad that this will be forever on their record(if they get caught). Horrible, horrible choices.

  11. Kimberly Lee

    This was a really strange way to get the point across that your tacos are so good you would break the store open to find some. Funny though! Taco’s are amazing but still, breaking a place for a taco… hmm..

  12. L Gaki

    This is epic! It’s amazing how they used the incident to promote their business in a fun way. That’s a really smart strategy. Now, I really wanna know why the burglars wanted the tacos so badly.

  13. Van Mondido

    Even hardened criminals can’t resist the power of tacos. Who ever said money makes the world go round have yet to taste the power of this hypnotic Mexican traditional dish. Yep, tacos are pretty amazing!

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