Choosing the Correct Carry on Luggage

Home Travel Tips Choosing the Correct Carry on Luggage
Published on March 19, 2015

One thing that separates a Travel Pro from a rookie is their travel luggage. A rookie travels in style, but a Travel Pro tries to combine (Some) style with functionality. Travel pros realizes that a well packed suitcase and backpack can be the difference between making a flight or sleeping on the floor in the airport.

So what should you choose –

– ALWAYS use a rolling suitcase or a rollerboard. My motto is, “If you have enough money to fly, you have enough money to buy a rollerboard!” Another nice feature is that you can use the Rollaboard to carry other pieces of luggage. Keys are maximum interior space and a lightweight.

– Backpack – They are no longer just for school. A nice backpack will store all of your essentials and make them much easier to transport. A good backpack will hold your computer, ipad, GPS, books, and all of you other travel necessities.

  1. ZXD22

    Always use your luggage for functionality, not for style. I don’t know why people would choose style over versatility… You need a luggage to carry stuff, not for looks! xD

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