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Published on March 2, 2017

The video titled “Raining Frogs.” written, created and performed by Jam for Joy co-founder Christine Storm is the flagship video and song used in the promotion of Jam for Joy! “This video provides a terrific opportunity for Northern Nevada to showcase the abundance of acting talent to be found right here at home! We have access to talent from Los Angeles to New York but we found everyone that we needed right here” says Ms. Storm. Jam for Joy is an organization that a child can be a part of for their entire life. It will be a “hand-up” organization that not only gives but also inspires others to strive to become better. It will provide human and financial resources needed to provide the sense of security,

  1. Timothy Pangilinan

    Such an inspirational song

  2. Jocelynqwerose

    Wow. This song is so motivating and inspiring. It have a deep message to everyone bullying and getting bullied. No one must be bullied.Bulliying must stop now. And i love the song. It is the lyrics that made me love it.

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