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Published on March 8, 2016

I’m so happy to present to you our Star Wars Darth Maul Fan-Film!!! #DMApprentice Hope you like it!!! 🙂 Subscribe to us: http://bit.ly/QFLOui We worked incredibly hard on this film for almost 2 years! We always felt that Darth Maul should have had more screen time. So we wanted to create a film just for him with the best lightsaber fights we could do! This is not based on any books, comics etc. MAKING OF coming soon! written, produced, directed & edited by SHAWN BU http://www.instagram.com/shawn_bu Action Director, Action Design and Choreography by VI-DAN TRAN http://www.instagram.com/vi_dan Costumes, Special Make & Up & Stunts by DEFCON UNLIMITED http://on.fb.me/1ThkrWH Music by Vincent Lee http://bit.ly/1jLAZ5J Starring: Maul Cosplay (Ben Schamma) http://on.fb.me/1OW9K3W Mathis Landwehr http://on.fb.me/1Thk3Yh Svenja Jung http://on.fb.me/21NrATy Eskindir Tesfay http://on.fb.me/1LHCB17 Maja Felicitas http://on.fb.me/1MKBmZt Paul Cless http://on.fb.me/1QZGYqU Sefa Demirbas http://on.fb.me/1U1Snp7 Dirk Chwialkowsky http://on.fb.me/1M081uy Stina Amedick http://www.instagram.com/st__na/ Khoa Huyhn http://www.instagram.com/koahuynh/ Lee Hua http://www.instagram.com/leehuachang Directors of Photography MAX TSUI http://on.fb.me/1UHYPSW VADIM SCHULZ http://on.fb.me/1L8ihWL VI-DAN TRAN http://on.fb.me/1QyaX6Y Executive Producers VI-DAN TRAN http://on.fb.me/1QyaX6Y EYYÜPHAN DUY http://on.fb.me/1QUUIwN JANNIK SIEBERT http://on.fb.me/21QD6dm JULIEN BAM http://www.youtube.com/user/JulienBam Additional Costumes LENORA GEWANDUNGEN http://on.fb.me/1Q87N5v Choreo, Fight Previsualisation & Stunts TEAMBAY http://on.fb.me/1prI8zc Props and Additional costumes by HYDRA FORGE http://on.fb.me/1oYcfxE Disclaimer: This is a non-profit unofficial fan-film that is not intended for commercial use. It was made solely for fun. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-film is not connected in any way to said companies. Shawn Bu on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/shawn_bu Vi-Dan on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vidantran http://www.facebook.com/T7production Shot on RED Dragon, RED Epic, Blackmagic 4K, Blackmagic URSA & DJI Phatom 3 Edited in Premiere Pro more info: http://on.fb.me/1prIcyI

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  1. walkertexasranger

    This is pretty sick! I didn’t think it would actually be this good! Production value seems pretty high and those lightsaber battles actually could stand up against the prequel trilogies. I’ve never been one to think of Darth Maul as more than a one off character though. He’s cool looking but no substance really. Just sort of a badass. I wouldn’t be against it although at this point his return wouldn’t be likely. Maybe if they ever did an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie and he made some sort of return there. That could potentially be pretty awesome. Especially if they got Sam Witwer to play him since he was the voice in the clone wars animated series.

  2. Adam

    Man, ever since I finished the show “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, I’ve been yearning for more Star Wars Action, and now I’ve got it. Episode 7 was such an amazing kickoff, and I know that Episode 8 will satisfy. I’m pretty sure Darth Maul’s dead, but you never know, the Force works in strange ways, lol.

  3. Boost

    So happy someone finally did this. He always deserved so much more. The prequels freaking sucked, they killed this guy off too early.

  4. Ccaminha

    The quality of this fan film is so high that I can barely believe it… The makeup, CGI and acting is top tier! Disney should definitely hire these people, the movie business is somewhat lacking talented people right now and could really use them.

  5. madetofly

    I liked the actor that played Maul, every emotion, every face expression, muscle tense, all done perfectly, and he delivers all his thoughts. I understand the make-up did a huge part there, but I still loved it. Well done guys. The young Jedi girl did a good job too, and she’s beautiful.

  6. gareth

    I love anything star wars at the moment

  7. Austin Miller

    One of my more favorite Star Wars villains making a comeback! His silence and personality always stood out to me as quite different than the majority of bad guys in the series. Great special effects as well, overall one of the more higher quality fan videos I have ever seen for any series!

  8. rz3300

    Well I am not the biggest Star Wars fan out there, but I do know that a lot of people say a lot of bad things about the movies that came out before this last one that just did, the ones with the Darth Maul. I am not sure on the movies, because I do not remember them, but I do have to say that I liked Darth Maul as a character and I liked the mask. I thought that was one thing lacking from the new one that just came out.

  9. ZXD22

    That was amazing, and this is a fan made video? I feel like the quality of the fan made videos are getting better and better, its crazy! I have been a Star Wars fan for the longest time and this one looks like it will hit the movies very well!

  10. Spence Reyes

    I’m not gonna lie, this is the best fan made video I’ve ever seen! I watched it a couple of times already. I still cannot believe this is just a fan made video. Of course, plot and direction is nowhere near the real Star Wars movies, but the choreography of the lightsaber battle is nothing short of amazing! It was definitely on par with the real one!

  11. Tingbat

    Such a great short and incredible that it’s fan made.
    I hope this ignites some interest in this bunch of people to further expand on their talent and maybe do a bit of a back story of who we’re seeing in the video.
    Amazing stuff

  12. Kimberly Davis

    Wow, my hats off to whoever filmed this. This is awesome and I bet it cost a pretty penny to make also. Other than Palpatine’s voice being wrong, it was an awesome film. I would love to see this person do a full feature like this. Starwars only represented the Jedi, it would be awesome to see some movies made of the Siths also.

  13. Tingbat

    Creators: start a kickstart for a longer film, you’re bound to get support! FIngers crossed you’ll get enough to pay off Disney when they come knocking…. 😛

  14. Bruce Sims

    People should always keep an eye on the silent brooding type. It just comes to show that you don’t really need a lot of dialogue to make an impact. The fighting choreography is top notch and almost equivalent to what you would see in the Star Wars features. I find it interesting though, that although the Jedi were suppose to be all about defense, they very keen in attacking Maul. At the end of the feature, when Maul had the padawan at his mercy, he hesitated. It made me wonder if he was having second thoughts; only when he saw that his master was watching, then his resolve was strengthened. Amazing acting over all.

  15. coolcat247

    Still one of the most underused characters in that franchise. I often wonder if they will ever bring him back in the films somehow. I mean, after all they are in space and the tech should be good enough to revive someone like the way they did to Darth Vador. You can call him Maul Vador!

  16. Cameron Moore

    Darth Maul was always my favorite villain growing up. Something about his black and red face paint that instilled some serious fear in me. That light saber is so awesome too.

  17. Alex Danvers

    Wow. This was really really really good. I think if it was the length of an actual movie, I would pay to see this in theaters. Everything about this movie was awesome considering it’s fan made.

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