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Published on March 20, 2015

Whether you call yourself chunky, hefty, husky, big-boned, or just plain fat, you still want to look good, right? Right. Now, what you wear won’t help you get thinner — unless it’s a rubber suit and you do a few laps in a sauna — but what you wear can help you look thinner.

Choose your patterns wisely, Vertical lines draw people’s eyes up and down, which will make you look taller by emphasizing length. Horizontal lines do the opposite. And don’t forget to buy the size that fits, If that’s an XXXL, so be it — shoehorning your way into a smaller size won’t make you look good.

However, also make sure you don’t go too baggy.Men in general tend to wear clothes that are too big, and in addition, bigger guys may think loose clothing hides their girth.


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  1. ZXD22

    Neat little tip of having the vertical lines going through the shirt as they will add the perception of you being tall. I myself am very self conscious about my width as during the winter months, I always seem to gain too much weight. I will try too find some of these types of clothes to help me with this problem!

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