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Published on January 16, 2016

Private concert at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles Jan 13, 2016 to promote his new LP Wonderful Crazy Night. Elton describing hearing Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ for the first time and his desire to have the same producers work with him in the early days.

This is the extended mashup of Space Oddity and Rocket Man. A fitting tribute to David Bowie and the impact he had on Elton John’s career.

  1. Ashley Collingwood

    Stunning tribute. Bowie was an absolute inspiration to the world and it’s fantastic seeing Elton perform it, of all people.

    I think Bowie’s (and Elton’s, eventually) legacy will live on for a hell of a long time.

  2. madetofly

    Amazing piano playing and one of the best Elton John vocal I have ever heard. Magical. People can say what they want about him, but he is truly a wonderful artist. I believe Elton paid a much more personal tribute to David, something less predictable that The Man Who fell to Earth certainly enjoyed.

  3. Austin Miller

    The fact that Elton John came out and did this tribute really speaks as a whole for the entire music community. The sense of family and companionship even transcending genres is astounding. Beautiful sound, great instrumentals, and a fantastic voice really sending out one of the greatest rock icons to ever live. David Bowie will be missed but his accomplishments and unique sound will live forever.

  4. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    A great musician honoring another great musician. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Bowie is a great musician and he’ll definitely be sorely missed in the music industry.

  5. rz3300

    I loved it. David Bowie was certainly a tremendous influence on the music industry and he really paved the way for many of the artists that we see today, and I am glad that another legend was there to pay tribute. I love Elton John and think he is a classy guy, and he is perfect for a way to remember another great musician. Thank you for sharing such a good video.

  6. ZXD22

    Such a fabulous musician! I have never heard anyone play better than that in the longest time and that says a lot! I have been following music for many, many years as it has been a passion of mine since I was 8. Well done!

  7. Rae

    Two incredible musicians. That tribute was so amazing, beautiful, and heartfelt. His vocals were great, and the piano playing- just wow. I could only dream of being able to play like that. I got lost in the music listening to this. Truly magical.

  8. Kimberly Davis

    David Bowie was an amazing performer and it is sad that he is now gone. Elton John was awesome to do this tribute but then again, Elton John is awesome to begin with. I loved his tribute to Marilyn Monroe “Candle in the Wind” also. He is an amazing artist also and this was a beautiful tribute he did.

  9. cafwen

    Such a touching tribute from one amazing artist to another. There’s no doubt David Bowie would have loved this. It is especially moving when you consider that Elton and David had a falling out many years ago and never really managed to salvage their friendship. A perfect way to let bygones be bygones.

  10. DeButters94

    A tremendous, influential singer saying goodbye to another of similar talent. It was fitting to have Elton John give tribute, as both artists are known for their flamboyant performances and persona. Though many will try to copy that outlandish, none can ever replace it. RIP David Bowie, you will be missed.

  11. Cameron Moore

    This was such a heart-felt tribute to one of the greatest artists to have ever come out of the United Kingdom. Who better than Sir Elton John, one of the most respected musicians out of the same country, to give David Bowie the respect he deserves.

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