Fifty Shades of DeVito

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Published on February 9, 2018

A woman discovers a new side to herself after being confronted with the sexual appetites of the REAL Mr. Grey, Danny DeVito.

  1. Dannyland

    Wow nice video

  2. Angelito Mendez

    This is a very nice parody. I was laughing as I watch. Haha! It’s edited well and I find it very funny.

  3. Ahllen Villalobos

    This is so interesting! The edits is great. Can I ask for the other scene title? I would be glad to follow you on youtube if you game me the youtube channel..I sincerely have a big green in my face while watching it.

  4. Ahllen Villalobos

    What I mean is if you give methe youtube channel -not game me. Im having typographical error.

  5. Ahllen Villalobos

    Grin I mean not green.😓

  6. Sherie Sison

    Hahaha OMG! What did I just watch, Editing skills level 999999999999. That was so pro man 😀

  7. Janis

    Haha that’s funny and sexy combined! Hope the producers pick up on this and go ahead and make the movie haha

  8. mystique07

    That’s a nice one. Good editing. Looks like a real movie.

  9. I’ve always enjoyed De Vito’s movie, I think it’s a funny comic actor that easily adapts to its characters, and in this, despite its time away from the screens, maintains its good quality, this is a very good parody, entertaining and in good style. It is worth seeing more, surely we will spend a very good time.

  10. Jeedae

    I am a newbie here and i am excited to be here. I have been going through the contents here and I must say I find them interesting. I would love to visit here more frequently to learn, share ideas and also make my valuable contributions. I look forward to having a great time here.

  11. GrayBrad

    Being a Devito fan, I approve of this video. Amazing edit.

  12. Starrky

    Someone spent way too much time making this. But I’m glad that they did. Danny is a human treasure.

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