Fourth grade student sounds off on state testing

Home News Fourth grade student sounds off on state testing
Published on May 3, 2016

Sydney Smoot, a fourth grader at Brooksville Elementary, shared her concerns on testing in schools with members of the Hernando County School Board at their regular meeting on March 17, 2015.

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  1. jc428

    Good for her for speaking out against this! My little sisters have to take the FSA and it stresses them out to no end. An 8-year old should be worrying about playing outside, not stressing about a standardized test! Standardized testing is the reason that America is so behind in worldwide education.

  2. Bruce Sims

    This young fourth grader speaks on behalf of all students and teachers in the United States. As a teacher myself, I do not see the logic in standardized tests and how they contribute to the well-being of students. Instead of being a benefit, these tests have become a curse. First of all, the content in these tests often have nothing to do with the content that students are being taught in the classroom. Secondly, the entire system assumes that students are test-takers by nature which is far from the truth because most students suffer from anxiety to the point of breaking down and crying. Such stress is not healthy for students. I believe as this brave fourth grader believes; the companies, who are making a fortune, making these tests needs to stop and rethink a new method of assessing the skill sets of students.

  3. sharkantropo

    Standardized testing is utter joke. Almost as big of a joke as the education system in the United States. State wide tests trump over those smaller tests and can prevent students from advancing to the next grade regardless if they’ve successfully passed all their courses. Basically, the other tests don’t matter in comparison to one long stressful multi-day standardized test which puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on students and doesn’t accurately measure what they’ve learned in school, only sheer rote memorization . 

  4. Lane Alférez

    This is so amazing! I haven’t heard from state testing before watching this video, but I think that this girl can speak for a lot of students when we’re basically forced to be through some, well… unnecessary and more than anything, stressful tests, like having 8 classes it wasn’t enough. I think that it’s great to have people like her in the world, especially children, they need to learn to speak up for their rights and give their opinion too.

  5. Lisa Davis

    This little girl is wise beyond her years. Standardized testing has always been a joke and doesn’t truly measure all student’s abilities or knowledge. Just as students cannot be standard themselves, neither can a test accurately fit all the students in a school. I also agree with what the little girl said about the pressure that these tests put on children. It is so bad that teachers end up teaching towards these standardized tests because they are sometimes even used as a measure of how well they are performing as teachers.

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