Girl Meets Gorilla Old Friend After Many Years

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Published on December 26, 2015

British Girl Meets Gorilla Old Friend After 12 Years.

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  1. walkertexasranger

    This is so amazing! The fact that the gorilla remembered…seriously amazing. The bond you can form with an animal just goes to show that nature and man can live side by side. Maybe not in every scenario but when nature comes together like this it’s so spectacular. Hard to believe, but really touching.

  2. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    Wow, this is really moving. The part where the gorillas were holding on to the girl was just so touching. It’s fascinating how they can still remember her after all those years apart and with the girl all grown up,

  3. Austin Miller

    Love it, the whole human gorilla dynamic has been something so interesting and beautiful, I don’t understand how these great creatures don’t get more attention in the media.

  4. Rae

    Animals are so amazing. I’ve always had such a fascination with them and these sorts of videos are so touching. This happens with all sorts of animals- dogs, lions, monkeys- they’re so intelligent and loyal.

  5. ZXD22

    I can’t believe the animal and human bonds that occur these days! I know of a penguin swimming thousands of miles from Antarctica to meet a man who saved him when he was younger and that is incredible! This is another example of an amazing bond with a human and an amazing animal!

  6. Tingbat

    Further confirms one thing to me: these animals are way more deserving of this planet than us and I love them more than most people *the feels*

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