Golden Tips for Hair Care

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Published on March 11, 2015

Hair care treatment will not end as you do it once, it would vary every time. For the tips in maintenance your hair, you should wash your hair every day. You should not use to wash your hair, use lukewarm water to wash it. After you wash it, don’t comb it if it’s still wet, and if you still want to, use wide teeth comb to do it. When you plan to use conditioner, don’t apply it from the root of your hair, it could damage your hair, use it from middle to tip. The other tip is to eat plenty of foods and vegies. Remember, healthy food gives nutrients to whole of your body parts. For maintaining your hair as well as your appearance, trim your hair 1/2” every 6 month.

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  1. ZXD22

    You need to keep working on your hair if you want to maintain the lustrous and good looks of it. If you stop out of no where, your hair will go back to being very dull and no one wants that! These tips really work as I remember a professional hair stylist once reminded me of a couple of the same ones as well.

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