Heroes Save “Christmas” the Blind Dog from a Deep Well

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Published on December 29, 2015

This blind dog has been rescued from a well in Bosnia where he had been trapped for over a month! The dog had been searching an empty field for food when he fell into the well. Veteran rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his buddy Ratko Koblar drove hours to the scene when they heard about this dog whom nobody in the community had tried to save. Only children from the area had kept the dog alive by throwing food into the hole. Christmas, as the dog is now named, is safe and looking for an adoptive home.

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  1. linea

    Wow, that was so heartwarming! I am so happy they saved that poor little dog. He reminds me of my old dog. It is so nice that there are so many people out there that have the heart to actually take the time to save animals, especially dogs. I know if the situation was reversed, a dog would try to save a person. They are so special. It’s a Christmas miracle!!

  2. madetofly

    It’s good to see people still care about animals, most of the time they face this kind of problems because of our interference on the planet, so we have to they care of them when they need. I’m very emotional right now.

  3. walkertexasranger

    I always try to think from the other perspective. Imagine how scared the poor thing felt especially since it was blind to be down there! The confusion alone would drive me insane. And for a whole month! That’s some straight panic inducing stuff. So glad it was found and rescued though. That’s a really special dog, definitely a keeper.

  4. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    Wait why does it took weeks for the dog to be rescued? It said that children had been throwing food down the well for the dog, so they must’ve told their parents about a dog trapped in the well. Anyway, this is a great and a heart-warming video to watch 🙂

  5. Ccaminha

    I really, really love to see when animals are treated with such care, they are actually blessing in our lives (you have to be a horrible person to dislike Dogs in my own opinion…)

    I hope this doggie finds a home soon, he surely deserves it.

  6. Rae

    Bless these people, and other people who work to save animals like Christmas. Animals are so loyal and kind, and seeing them suffer breaks my heart. I am so glad for people who rescue them.

  7. ZXD22

    Omg poor thing! I am so glad the people were so caring enough to save him from being trapped for that long month! It must have been devastating to be in his shoes… Thank you so much!

  8. Bruce Sims

    This story is indeed an amazing one, but there is one thing that disturbs me. That poor blind dog was in that hole for a whole month. Kids were giving the dog food which suggests that the parents knew about the dog. Why didn’t anybody in the town where this happened did anything to rescue the dog? Why did it take people from the outside to rescue this animal? While this story tells a lot about the compassion of some people, it also tells of uncaring nature of others. If I found out that there was a dog stuck in a hole, I would have done everything in my ability to try to rescue the animal. Of course I am assuming that the adults of the town didn’t care but I don’t see a legitimate reason to leave a dog in a hole for a whole month! Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending, though I think it was long overdue for that poor animal.

  9. L Gaki

    I really like watching videos like this. Things like saving a single dog’s life may be insignificant to other people but for that dog, it means so much. And for people like me who is starting to lose faith in humanity and their selves, it’s like a ray of hope. God bless these rescuers!

  10. rldonah

    That poor baby was stuck in that hole for months. Who knows why he was even in there. If it wasn’t for the children feeding the dog, he probably wouldn’t have made it, but thankfully some caring individuals got there in time to save his life. I hope he found his forever home.

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