Hillary Clinton Praising Former Klu Klux Klan Leader Sen Robert Byrd.

Home Politics Hillary Clinton Praising Former Klu Klux Klan Leader Sen Robert Byrd.
Published on March 1, 2016

Despite mounting criticism for Donald Trump’s failure to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke’s support, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton once heaped praise for late Klan leader Sen. Robert Byrd.

In a video uploaded to the State Department’s official YouTube page on June 28, 2010, Clinton commemorated late Sen. Byrd by saying, “Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd.”

When Byrd was 24-years-old, he joined the Klan because he was worried that during World War II, he might have to fight alongside “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” Bryd wrote those words in 1944 to Sen. Theodore Bilbo, a staunch segregationist.

Hillary says Sen. Byrd was the heart and soul of the Senate. If this is true, this goes a long way to explaining some of our long standing roadblocks to true equality in this country.

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  1. walkertexasranger

    Of course she praised a former KKK leader. Clinton is an airhead and a complete liar. She doesn’t care about the american people, just getting herself in the white house no matter what. She’s honestly as bad as Trump except she isn’t saying controversial, racist things. It’s honestly BS that she is the front runner so far. There’s still hope though that the rest of America sees through her lies and that psychotic smile. We need someone who is actual passionate about changing America. And yes, I am talking about Bernie Sanders. Say what you will about the man, but he is someone who actually cares, and is interested in the greater good, not the good of the man behind the man. Hilary is just a puppet.

  2. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    I still can’t believe that both Hillary and Trump are the front-runners of their respective parties’ nomination. Just think about it. These two will be the most likely to become the next US President. I don’t know how Hillary is winning but Trump leading his party’s nomination just show that fear sells. Fear definitely works in gaining people’s trust and Trump has use this card well by wanting to build a wall and ban the Muslims. We thought it was all garbage but there are a lot of people out there that likes what he’s preaching.

  3. madetofly

    Hillary is a joke, I can’t believe there’s actual people voting for her. It’s a shame, even with the email scandal she is likely to be nominated by the Democrats. The worst thing is, there are people voting for her only because she’s a woman, and she has used it to atract female voters. A persons sex shoudn’t matter when the entire country is at stake.

  4. billyclean

    Now this is just hilarious. Hate to say it but I don’t think Hillary is going to be able to Stump the Trump and a few years later we’ll all be looking back at videos like this and laughing.

  5. ZXD22

    I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. She has been a legit liar ever since day one. She lied about the Sniper at her Bosnia flight awhile back, and about many other topics. It’s time we give her an award for the biggest liar in American history…

  6. TryHard

    She’s a politician. She’s playing the game the way its set up to be played. Someone dies, you say nice crap about them.

    Hard to really care a whole lot when the only racist thing they quote him saying is from 1944 when that mess was rampant. Ignorance is taught by your parents, and in an era when most people probably didnt try and correct it it probably stayed in him for some time.

    I’d be more up in arms if they where able to PROVE that he was still a bigot and/or racist. PEOPLE DO CHANGE

  7. Kimberly Davis

    It is amazing how many people support her when even in this video she stated that he was her MENTOR. That is an indication that Hillary herself is a sympathiser of the KKK. The KKK should be listed as a terrorist organization and threat but alias… they have political protections. There are actually many politicians who are associated with the KKK but no one knows about it. Either way, Hillary was an idiot to make this video because in a way she implicated herself in the involvement of a hate group that is known for committing criminal acts against the American people.

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