Hillary, why you lyin?

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Published on April 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton, lying for 14 straight minutes.  Grab some popcorn…

  1. Kimberly Davis

    This woman is ridiculous. Telling lie after lie and constantly changing her views and ideas. You can see in this video where she kept flip-flopping her story not to mention how she kept trying to save herself whenever she was caught in a lie by making excuses as to why she said what she said or changed her view. I can’t believe that anyone is still backing her campaign. This video really shows how unstable this woman is on her policies and how she should not be our President. It is one thing to change your views on issues, it is another to lie about it or to try to make excuses about it. If you change your mind on something… tell us you changed your mind and why.

  2. ZXD22

    Hillary is making a big fool of herself with all these lies lmao! I nearly laughed my butt off after she made a mistake that one of the senators was Mr. Oreilly. xD

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