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Published on January 1, 2016

Donald Trump has a hucksters ability to feed into the feeling, rather than using facts.

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  1. walkertexasranger

    Donald Trump is a such a great ’empty’ speaker. He can come up with so many words and say absolutely nothing. He lists off list full of nothing. He gives absolutely no information about his policies. He vaguely dances around the topics of the questions people ask him. It’s very annoying that people take this as his genius. Then again, his supporters are very…simple people.

  2. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    This is actually quite effective. He’s horrible, yes, you can hate him all you want but you have to admit that what he’s doing is working. When you want to approach a group of people, it’s much more effective to use simple words and sentences rather than complex and bombastic words, because chances are the group that you’re trying to approach are very simple minded.

  3. Rae

    He is very talented at saying so much without saying anything at all. It gets people thinking that he is smart if they don’t listen to what he is saying and think of the meaning. It is quite terrifying.

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