How to Pick the Right Backpack

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Published on March 19, 2015

The styles, shapes, and sizes of backpacks are virtually limitless, not to mention overwhelming. You can find a pack specific to just about every outdoor activity and in just about any capacity. So how do you narrow this impossibly broad field to the exact one that will suit you?

First tip: don’t start with a pack and try to fit your gear into it. Start with the pile of gear that you need to carry, and select the appropriate model to carry that gear. So, if you will be traveling with skis, look for one with a ski carry. If you will be taking ice tools, make sure they can attach to the outside of your pack with ease. And if you plan to carry your pack on a long distance hike, make sure the weight, suspension, and capacity is suited to what you need to bring with you.

Most people dedicated to the outdoors own more than one pack, especially if they participate in different sports. Most commonly, people own 3 different capacities that cover a full range of load carrying: a 60+ liter pack for multi-day trips in the backcountry, a 35-40 liter pack for most gear intensive in-a-day missions, and a 20 liter or less pack for half-day adventures, side hikes, or carrying on routes.

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    You must grab the right back pack for your task, whether you need a back pack to carry a lot of stuff, or little, whether you need one for equipment or for documents. There are many types of back packs out to be offered and it takes research and determination in order to find the best one for you!

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