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Published on March 20, 2015

Have you tried to knot a tie, only to end up with a horrible tangled tie? Starting with these instructions, a sharp-looking tie, a mirror and some patience, you can become an expert in tying a fabulous tie. Because there are several different ways to tie a tie, we’ve listed several methods, starting with the easiest tie to tie.

Stand in front of the mirror. Your collar should be up, your shirt buttoned all the way to the top, and the tie around your neck. The wide end of the tie should be on the side of your dominant hand. So if you’re right-handed, the wider end should be hanging on your right side. If you’re left-handed,the wider end should be hanging on your left side.

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  1. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    Huh, how about that. Apparently I’ve been tying my tie the wrong way for my whole life. This is definitely useful for me so thank you!

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