Imperial March Soothes Crying Baby

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Published on January 10, 2016

I figured out the Imperial March calms my son when he is crying. #parentingdoneright

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  1. walkertexasranger

    That’s amazing! Definitely parenting done right. This is how my children will be too lol. But does this mean that the little boy will grow up to be a star wars fan, or a dark side user??

  2. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    I’m not quite sure if the baby is embracing his inner darkness or if he’s just intimidated by the it. Because he’s probably thinking,”Oh no, here comes Darth Vader. I should behave in front of him.” 😀

  3. billyclean

    The force is strong in this one! Let’s hope he doesn’t grow up wanting to be as evil as Darth Vader! If all babies were soothed by the imperial march I think parenting would be much more entertaining 😉

  4. Ccaminha

    Oh, he is so cute. When I have babies (IF I have babies) I’ll make them listen to all sci-fi OSTs… I promise I’ll be a good dad hahaha :p

  5. Austin Miller

    This is my girlfriend right here… huge star wars fan since she could walk. Every morning I wake up to her alarm which is always one of the main theme songs from the series. Love it!

  6. Rae

    This is actually me in baby form, haha. I use this and the main theme as my alarm, depending on how important it is for me to get up!

  7. ZXD22

    Wow that actually works? I bet he likes the sounds of the trumpets playing or something haha! He might be a music baby and you know what the means? He might become a great composer or a musician in the future I hope!

  8. Kimberly Lee

    Later in life this little guy will hear the imperial march again, get mega deja vu and shit himself wondering why the heck that makes him feels so calm.

  9. Kimberly Davis

    Future storm trooper in the making! That is too funny and very adorable. I wish that would work with all kids. I hope his mother keeps this video and shows it to him when he grows up. I bet he would bet a real kick out of seeing himself being calmed down by a movie soundtrack for Darth Vader.

  10. Tingbat

    Of course he it calmed him, the little demon looks like a sith!

  11. DeButters94

    They are already losing him to the Dark Side! The Empire has already brainwashed the poor baby! Ahahaha, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen. I wonder if he likes the Cantina song as well?

  12. annahasataco

    Omg, can’t stop laughing at his precious facial expressions… too cute… too cute 😀

  13. Lisa Davis

    There’s also a really cute YouTube video of a baby that is only soothed by reggae music. It reminds me a lot of this video. He is sitting in the back seat of the car making all sorts of fuss until Bob Marley comes on and he is so happy that he shuts up instantly. I guess kids like what they like, right?

  14. rldonah

    That’s so funny that works to calm him. I wonder what it is about it that does the trick. Either way, he’s a cutie! When you find an easy way to comfort an upset baby, you go with it. 🙂

  15. Van Mondido

    That little guy got totally distracted. You know you have an iconic theme when even cute babies minding their own business pause to pay attention.

  16. limbergh

    “Bow down before the dark lord human if you want to live.”

    This is what the baby probably was thinking. And it would be mine as well if I were his age and the imperial march began to play. 😀

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