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Published on February 9, 2016

Lady Gaga naked on stage for a costume change.

  1. Paul Cousens

    I don’t find it that attractive when women singers flaunt their body to this extreme.

  2. walkertexasranger

    There’s something really oddly sexy about her. She’s pretty insane but also kinda pretty. I can’t put my finger on it, I guess there’s just something attractive about her being really alternative. Not really caring what anyone thinks, it’s refreshing. But is it a front, or is it real? Question of the day.

  3. L

    It’s not about her getting naked on stage that was appealing to me. But rather I’m amused that she didn’t waste a minute to keep the audience entertained while she was changing. So I think that’s really cool of her.

  4. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    Damn, her antics on stage sometimes are just straight-up weird. You can even see that even the stage crews are weirded out a bit at times.

  5. gareth

    lady gaga wow got admit she is a bit dishy maybe she didn’t like the dressing room

  6. Shoronda Wilson

    Nice Lady Gaga ????????????????

  7. HairyMeatBalls

    Lady Gaga naked on stage? Yes please!. I’m a little upset that she’s getting naked a lot lately to stay relevant, I find it somewhat close to begging for attention. Anyway, it works so keep it up baby do your thing.

  8. Dian hardiana

    Great action lady gaga. I really like it.

  9. ZXD22

    I think she is beautiful, but changing her costume on stage like that is a bit over the top?

  10. Rae

    I would hardly call that naked. First of all she’s gorgeous, and I really admire her confidence especially because she has spoken out about having body-image issues. And at the end of the day, it’s her concert and she can do what she wants. I love it, though.

  11. nazeerabdalmumen

    Lady Gaga has always been controversial with showing excessive skin and wearing ridiculous outfits. She disappeared for a little bit but this is a good come back media stunt to draw attention. She looks like she gained a little weight, her butt looks really big in those bottoms for some reason, it could be that she gained a few pounds. Lady Gaga looks really good in this video, I think she is really sexy her body is amazing!

  12. Kimberly Davis

    I love Lady Gaga, she is daring and not afraid of her own sexuality. One thing she is portraying in her concerts is there should be no shame in nudity. She is also keeping people entertained while she is changing for the next part of her show rather than the audience waiting with nothing to see. They are getting their money’s worth.

  13. Tingbat

    Not quite naked……
    Her attitude and persona makes her very sexy though.
    She has built up a good character that’s always interesting

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