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Published on March 20, 2015

If your clothes fit you properly, regardless of the price of the item, it will always look like it was made for your body. Finding a high quality tailor was essential for one of the biggest leaps forward I made when first starting out, and helped achieve that sought-after slim fit that perfectly follows my silhouette and flatters my body shape.

In terms of the type of clothes you buy, investing in pieces that are simple, classic and versatile allows you to not only justify an extravagant price tag (as they will last you numerous seasons without ever going out of style) but also means that the majority of the items in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched with minimal hassle or clashing.

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  1. ZXD22

    It may be bending the bank, but if you can afford a tailor, you could tailor your clothes in order to get the best fit. It may not be the best bang for your buck, but you won’t be able to argue with the results. Is it worth it? It depends on the occasion honestly.

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