How to Look Good in a Suit

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Published on March 20, 2015

Many people wear suits for special occasions. Whether it be for a cocktail party, wedding, reunion, funeral, or a job interview, looking good in a suit is top priority. By following these steps, you can improve your image through wearing a suit.

If you’re a shorter person, stick to single-breasted jackets. Double-breasted jackets can give you a “drowning-in-fabric” look and make you appear smaller. If you’re bigger around the middle, wear a lower-buttoning jacket rather than one with a higher placket. It will give you a longer silhouette.

Wear the suit properly. Button all of the buttons on your dress shirt. If you are wearing a button-cuff shirt, remember to button those buttons — don’t forget the small one on the placket!

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  1. ZXD22

    you need to make sure the suit fits nice and snugly. Depending on your personal preference you may go with a suit that fits tight or a bit loose. It should feel good in order to look good and that is the best advice I could give ya haha!

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