Miss Philippines’ reaction and the crowd Boo’ing

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Published on December 31, 2015

Unedited video from the pageant, hear the audience boo’ing and not happy with the mix up! Crazy! It gives you a better understanding of what was really happening in the auditorium and why Miss Philippines looked so confused.

  1. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    The boos obviously came from the Latinos and that’s not surprising at all. The contestant that you support was announced as a winner, so of course you’re gonna get mad when they say it’s a mistake. I’ll be mad too if my pick has won but then realized it was a mistake by them. Not that Miss Philippines deserved this though because she clearly didn’t know about it at all. Both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines were the victims in this.

  2. Rae

    Such a bad mistake to make. You’d think that when announcing something like that, you’d read it a few times over very carefully before announcing it. I feel bad for both Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia.

  3. ZXD22

    Yea big mistake by Steven harvey and perhaps his most hilarious yet in my books! You need to practice saying that and it doesn’t take just reading it out of a card to say. I know he can’t foretell the competition, but this could have all been easily avoided.

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