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Published on January 22, 2017

I’m a Nasty Woman. Not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in cheeto dust. Not as nasty a man who is a diss track to America. From Back to broken Back he’s stomped on, his words are just more white noise ruining this national anthem. I’m not as nasty as confederate flags being tattooed across my city; maybe the south actually is going to rise again Or maybe it never really fell Because we’re still drowning in vanilla coated power Slavery has just been reinterpreted into the prison system Black lives are still in shackles and graves just for being black in front of people who see melanin as animal skin Tell me of a decade that didn’t have traces of white hoods burning up our faith in humanity. I’m not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag And I didn’t know that devils could be resurrected but I feel Hitler in these streets A mustache traded in for a Toupee The Nazis renamed The Cabinet Conversion therapy the new gas chamber, Shaming and electrocuting the gay out of America turning rainbows into suicide notes. I’m not as nasty as racism, or fraud, or homophobia, sexual assault, transphobia, white supremacy, white privilege, ignorance, or misogyny Not as nasty as trading girls like pokemon before their bodies have even evolved. Not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol Like wet dreams infused with your own genes. But yeah! I’m a nasty woman. A phunky Crusty Bitchy Loud Nasty woman. Not as nasty as the combo of Trump and Pence being served into my voting booth, But I’m nasty like the battles women fought to get me in that voting booth. Nasty like the fight to close the wage gap. Nasty like conversations trying to remind people there is such thing as a wage gap. Tell me that this is only because women usually go into lower paying fields. So why did last year’s top actresses make less than half of what the top actors did? Do you realize that the World Cup shelf of the U.S. men’s soccer team is as empty as Trump’s promises But the women’s team has scored three World Cups, In 2015, brought in 20 million more dollars in revenue than the men’s team, but is still paid 75% less? See even when women go into high paying careers, their wages are still cut with blades sharpened by testosterone. Tell me why the work of a black woman and a hispanic women is only worth 63 and 54 percent of a white man’s privileged paycheck? This is not a feminist myth; this is inequality. So we are not here to be debunked We are here to be respected. We are here to be nasty like blood stained bedsheets. In case you forgot, women don’t choose when or if they get their periods! Trust me, if could we would! We don’t like throwing away our favorite pairs of underwear! But men can choose to not have sex And they know how to live without a full head of hair, so why are tampons and pads still taxed, but Viagra and Rogaine isn’t? Is your erection really more important than protecting the messy parts of my womanhood? Is the thinning of your hair really more embarrassing than the period-staining of my jeans? I know it seems petty to complain about a few extra cents But it’s just the finishing touch on a pile of change I have yet to feel in this country. So don’t try to justify our injustices with excuses that smell like your security when you’re walking alone to the bathroom or your car or down the street. Security my eyes have yet to see Their too busy praying to my feet So you don’t mistake eye contact for wanting physical contact I’ve been zipping up my smile so you don’t think I want to unzip your jeans. I know you forget to examine the reflection of your own privilege You may be afraid of the truth But I’m not afraid to be honest I’m not afraid to be nasty Yeah I’m nasty like the struggle of women still beating equality into the world, because our rights have been beaten out of us for too long. And our fight will continue to embody our nastiness. I’m nasty like red, white, and blue bruises. Nasty like Elizabeth, Amelia, Rosa, Eleanor, Condoleezza, Sonia, Malala, Michelle. Our mothers, our sisters, us sisters are all nasty like history And our pussies ain’t for grabbing They’re for reminding you that our walls are stronger than America’s ever will be. They’re for birthing new generations of Filthy Vulgar Bossy Brave Proud Nasty women. So if you a nasty woman say hell yeah. where tha nasty women at love u Michelle Obama plz watch this

  1. Jeanie

    Totally disgusting speech, full of hatred! I do not care if your are for or against President Trump, the things said about him and his daughter were disgusting! This is not how a lady acts, this isnt how a REAL WOMAN ACTS EITHER! It was nothing but a Trump anti-Rally! And sadly young little girls were there and heard the disgusting things said! President Trump is now president, everyone should be wishing for the best, cause when he does good things, we all feel it, if you wish him to fail, our lively hood fails! YOU MISSY have alot of growing up to do, and someone needs to teach you how to talk and act like a lady!

    • Kendel

      She makes me proud to be a woman! No longer should women have to suffer under the weight of men!

      • Debi

        How do you feel that you suffer under the weight of men?

  2. Tess

    This has to be the most degrading and disgusting thing i have ever heard. You make me ashamed to be a woman.

    • Joseph Simolari

      Really, the most disgusting …
      It’s just a girl who is expressing her feelings on inequality.
      I would like to see some change too …

  3. carol

    Shame on you your not nasty your a disgrace to many woman. I understand some of the context of this has merit and had very valid points but some of this was way out of context. Insulting the President and his daughter in such a vulgar way really shows what a immature child you still are. There is a time and place for things and allowing it to be read in public was neither the time or place. You really did yourself a great dis service to allow Ashley Judd to read this she sounded like a mental patient who has been off their meds for way to long.SO sad to see what is happening to our youth today and I truly hope you do something more productive with your life.

  4. Paula

    Hell yes! Thank you for being strong and nasty. I stand beside you with my daughter. Truth Love Respect Equality so much work to do. But I’m fired up and ready to go.

    • Debidebi

      Why do you feel unequal to men in today’s society. Sad that you would influence your daughters with this distorted thought.

  5. PC

    Thank you, Nina Mariah. This is the most amazing, thoughtful, and powerful poem. Please go on tour with your #NASTYWOMAN speech. I got to hear the Ashley Judd version via the LIVE Stream of the Woman’s March on Washington. She did a great tribute, but your original blows it away. We need your voice. #peoplehavethepower

  6. susan

    So proud of Ashley Judd and Nina Mariah. What a fantastic spirit. We shall be free of rape, sexual harassment, abuse, violence. I am ready to join the fight for equality. Now or never.

  7. bessie

    shame on you !!!! I’m sure your mother is REAL proud of you…NOT!!!!!!!

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