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Published on March 19, 2015

When you think of summer weekends, what food pops into your mind? Barbecue, beer, and macaroni salad? When you think of eating on the road, is fast food the first thing you think of? This summer, don’t eat foods that will leave you feeling depleted, bloated, and tired. Making better food choices will have a positive impact on your leisure time. As athletes know, healthy food and plenty of water sustain your energy levels, fuel your muscles, and help you recover quickly. The food you eat on the road will serve as your traveling repair kit.

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  1. ZXD22

    As much as I would love to eat ribs and pork everyday during my travelings, health comes first and you’ll need a healthy meal in order to provide you lots of energy for your travels. Eat smart and your body will reward you tremendously!

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