Police mace peaceful California students at an OWS protest

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Published on April 14, 2016

Police in the U.S. have used pepper spray against peaceful students taking part in an ‘Occupy’ campaign in front of the University of California. Demonstrators had been ordered to remove their camp, but after refusing, officers showed up and and tore their tents down, using force against unarmed people. 10 protesters have been arrested.

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  1. Tingbat

    Take that you liberal communist loving hippies :p

  2. Kimberly Davis

    All these officers should be placed under arrest and removed from the force. These students were doing a peaceful protest and what that officer did was both immoral and unnecessary. It seems that police officers and doing what they want to people these days and that has got to stop. There are so many who join the force for the money and power and not what it was intended for. To protect the people.

  3. kootlefoosh

    While this kind of thing is unacceptable, we need to realize that this sort of thing happens often. The students chanting “shame on you” sure seemed to make in impact on him though, hiding his face like that.

  4. L Gaki

    This is so sad. If the students were doing a peaceful protest, then the police officers should have handled the situation peacefully too. What they did is actually kinda childish. Using pepper spray on unarmed people to get them to submit? Not cool.

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