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Published on March 13, 2015

You should always try to eat as nutritionally balanced as possible, good nutrition provides for a better more stable and clear mind, which is always helpful when dealing with anything traumatic or stressful, such as hair problem.

While good nutrition may help to slow or avoid hair loss caused by deficiencies in diet (extremely rare that diet causes hair loss), it will not affect or reverse hereditary or genetic balding. Some experts believe that by eating right, men and women can delay or slow the rate of hair loss and keep the remaining hair healthy and viable. So, tending to good nutrition is generally a good idea. However, great care must be exercised when using natural nutrients since some have been proven to cause irreversible hair loss. If you doubt this, look at the bald gym instructor who eats his proteins and vitamins, changes are that you will see quite a few of them with bald or thinning heads on the other spectrum you have the size 6 models that don’t eat at all often with great hair so there seems to be little connection between eating habits and hair loss.

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  1. ZXD22

    There is a very big relationship between health, hair and nutrition. Many vitamins contribute to healthy hair and the strength of your hair molecules as well! Always eat healthy and your body will take very good care of you!

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