Rep Ratcliffe Grills Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Home Politics Rep Ratcliffe Grills Attorney General Loretta Lynch
Published on July 16, 2016

This is one to watch. She dodges every question and refers back to the statement and refuses to give more clarification.

After refusing to indict Hillary Clinton, she has not ruled out staying on as Attorney General in a Clinton administration.  She spent a few hours (as indicated by her “late afternoon” start) being briefed on the results of the year long investigation before deciding not to indict.  She should be fired for incompetence.  We have spent hundreds of hours reading those 110 emails, sifting through the publically available evidence. It should have taken her at least a week to go through an organized evidentiary audit.

  1. Oakat

    Insanity. Lynch shouldn’t have been allowed to have any influence on the case if she has an extensive history with the Clinton’s. That’s extremely biased.

  2. oportosanto

    Well, sadly this happens a lot these days. When a question is asked it’s very rare to see someone answering directly to it. It’s like a crazy people’s dialogue because you ask something and the other person answers something unrelated. I think incompetence is an adequate word here.

  3. oliver

    I believe that there are quite a few factors that are to be taken into account when referring to this particular interaction. Loretta Lynch has proven to be a capable and qualified Inspector General, however I believe that she made a good decision by letting the F.B.I. director James Comey address the nation and explain why he thought that no charges had to be brought against Hillary Clinton. Many of the right-wingers allegations could not be proved for the lack of “Intend” when handling these emails. I respect people’s disagreements on the matter but we can’t go around passing judgement on people that did their job as they were supposed to with a great deal of professionalism.

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