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Published on January 17, 2016

Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) goes undercover as Matt, a radar technician, at Starkiller Base.

  1. walkertexasranger

    This was such a good idea lol. I love that Adam Driver can do it all. Comedy, drama what have you. He really owns Kylo Ren.

    And I love that this highlights the fact that Kylo would be such a geek without powers. Everybody just roasts him lol.

  2. Adam

    Haha, these kind of videos always crack me up. I love the way Adam Driver acts so serious in his role in the real movie, yet he put a comical twist onto Kylo Ren in this video. I absolutely love the guy, both in real life and in the movie. I can’t wait for Episode 8 to come out!

  3. Boost

    Now THIS IS funny! Really love the personality the actor gives him LMAO!

  4. Ashley Collingwood

    Adam Driver’s a phenomenal actor and I’m so glad he’s got a sense of humour, too. “Sorry I killed your son – Kylo Ren”… amazing.

    Hope he really steps up in Episode 9, too. At least he’s a little more prominent than Darth Maul!

  5. gareth

    wow I am still laughing I really enjoyed

  6. Austin Miller

    Hilarious, huge starwars fan and I absolutely love it when actors can take a hilarious spin on their own roles. Definitely gonna recommend this to some other star wars fans!

  7. Rae

    I love Adam Driver. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and at first I didn’t like him as Han and Leia’s son, but now I love him and looking into the things he’s done- I had no idea he would be so funny!

  8. ZXD22

    Very humorous video! I enjoyed watching this one guys! Thanks so much for the post! xD

  9. TryHard

    Yeah that’s pretty accurate. He was pretty whiny in the movies, so I doubt he’d handle that any other way lol. Good job SNL

  10. kaiserflame

    I love undercover boss AND the star wars franchise. Man this was hilarious! Boy if I were an employee there, I would’ve spotted him from a mile away.

  11. Kimberly Davis

    This was so hilarious. I love it! I love it when shows do humorous stuff like this. Adam Driver is too funny and did an amazing job in this. I hope Undercover Boss does more like this in the future. It really adds to the show.

  12. Destiny Osborn

    Oh, man! I think I have to agree with everyone else!! This is freakin’ hilarious! Honestly, it couldn’t get more perfect!! I love Saturday Night Live! I love Star Wars! I love Undercover Boss! So finny! Too funny! Ob! Man! That was great!

  13. jc428

    This was hilarious! I love how they all knew it was him all along, but he thought he was being slick about it.

  14. DeButters94

    I loved Adam Driver in Girls. He’s even better on SNL. This is certainly the best skit they’ve had on the show for a long time, this and the Aladdin one. I wonder if they’ll ever bring him back on to host the show again.

  15. cafwen

    This really hearkens back to the good old days of SNL skits in their glory days. I love how they can make fun of two such different shows, this one will be remembered as a classic I think.

  16. Tomm89

    This video is awesome, I think that this skit is one of their best all year so far. Combining a reality TV show with an insanely popular sci-fi movie was such a great idea. Adam Driver is so great at playing a really serious character so it is really cool to see him in SNL which is the complete opposite of who he played in Star Wars.

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