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Published on January 19, 2016

Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia herself, Ariadna Gutierrez, take some time to respond to some of the most popular internet memes created after the Miss Universe Pageant.

  1. My son came across ur post about taking tge jump of the cliff and said mom listen this is what u need to do just jump because u will never get nothing looking at everyone else just wanted to say thank u steve harvey because as much as i feel stuck its because im not trusting my creator and have been trusting doctors and meds for my tumor ppl that dont want my to succeed i will jump even if it hurts in the start

  2. Paul Cousens

    Those memes with kermit the frog are really funny. I have been seeing them a lot lately.

  3. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    He’s embracing the meme. That’s nice, and surprisingly funny :D. That Kermit the frog meme though. Wow, who could manage to butcher the font so badly.

  4. walkertexasranger

    Man, once again, this stuff is so dumb. How the contestant actually got her little 15 minutes of fame. She’s no victim! Oh well, the memes were still funny. My favorite one is the one they made about Steve Harvey announcing Leonardo DiCaprio’s oscar, that was hilarious. And Steve’s video about jumping has inspired me too, I really dug that. That’s some great advice. I think Harvey’s a pretty good guy. Didn’t deserve the flack he took for that incident that shouldn’t have been so overblown to begin with.

  5. Ashley

    Wow! Miss Colombia really took this well. She could have been mad and not accepted Steve’s invitation to appear on his show but she did. She is a real role model. This video was hilarious.

  6. madetofly

    Poor girls. Miss Philippines didn’t get to take her walk, was clearly just very confused and didn’t even know where to walk, she was very shocked. I can’t imagine how humiliating that must have been for her. They were extremely careful not to show any close-ups of their faces after Steve announced that, so she was probably quite pissed. The person I feel most bad for is Steve. He got excited and made a mistake.

  7. ZXD22

    Oh yea I remember this! It was the funniest moment on Television history I bet! He named and crowned the wrong winner at the pageant and it was live on national television! Those were some funny memes as well. Gotta love Steve Harvey!

  8. Rae

    What a horrifying mistake for him to make, for everyone involved. I’m so glad that they can laugh at it, though. I’m also glad that Miss Colombia is so good-natured about it.

  9. Kimberly Lee

    I don’t think the internet will ever let these two forget this big mistake Mr Harvey did. It will become a mainstay similar to rick rolling with Rick Astley.

  10. Kimberly Davis

    Everyone makes mistakes but for Steve Harvey, it is PR. I love how they responded to these with humor showing that they are not offended but can take these things in stride. Many celebrities get all crazy about it and want to sue people over things like this. They need to learn from this man and just laugh about it all.

  11. cafwen

    It’s wonderful to see how they’ve chosen to handle the controversy in such a positive way – good for them! Laughing with everyone rather than just being laughed at – very clever. And some cute memes too. 😉

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