Steve Harvey Announces The WRONG Winner of Miss Universe 2015

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Home Celebrities Steve Harvey Announces The WRONG Winner of Miss Universe 2015
Published on December 20, 2015

Utter confusion as Steve Harvey announces the winner of Miss Universe as Miss Colombia instead of Miss Philippines!

  1. John

    That should never happen and both ladies deserve to be winners now.

  2. mary of the angels

    why the event hire person that dont have acknowledge about the consideration for the women’s
    only a kid has this kind of mistake
    he is an adult not is a child., why the organization dont hire a professional person why>

    • linea

      I think they hired Steve Harvey to get more people to watch the show. He is pretty famous, so people who normally wouldn’t watch probably tuned in. But, yeah, this is such an embarrassing mistake! It must have been SO awkward for Colombia to take that crown off! I heard she was pretty bitter about the whole thing, but I guess I can’t really blame her. I think that this fumble probably made things more exciting for the girl who actually won, though! Imagine thinking you lost and then being crowned a couple of minutes later. Crazy. I am wondering though, what do the winners do exactly? Like, motivational speaking or charity work? And, do they win money when they get the title?

  3. walkertexasranger

    Personally I think the whole thing is really dumb. These pageants are all way over blown and given way too much importance by the contestants. It’s no big deal. You didn’t win a crown, big whoop. There are bigger problems in the country. So the fact that some people were actually outraged at this. Man, that’s just so dumb to me. It seems like an honest mistake by Steve Harvey and it’s honestly so unimportant that it shouldn’t matter. These contests aren’t even based on things the contestant can control. It’s literally an award for being born just right.

  4. Ashley Collingwood

    I still think Steve did this as a publicity stunt… there’s no way he did this accidentally… see how Steve’s been making jokes about this ever since it happened? Let’s face it – the guy knows how to get into the limelight, and fast!! Still an unintentionally hilarious video though.

  5. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    There is a possibility that this is just a publicity stunt by the organizers. By doing that they can create a lot of attention to themselves and they obviously succeeded in doing that, if this was indeed their intention. But it’s just so embarrassing for the victims, even for Steve Harvey.

  6. ZXD22

    Biggest slip up I have ever witnessed on live television and Steve Harvey will be ridiculed for it for the rest of his life haha! Poor guy.

  7. Tingbat

    That’s the only time you can be sure the tears and emotions are real….Bwahahaha

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