Surviving the family road trip

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Published on March 19, 2015

Whether it is the all-American summer road trip to the beach or a holiday drive to Grandma’s house (or both), American families will inevitably hit the road this year.

It makes sense to drive when you have a family in tow. It is almost always significantly cheaper than paying everyone’s airfare.

The ability to pack the car with every blankie, pacifier, and stuffed elephant that is needed to keep the kids quiet is crucial. But what happens with the trunk is all packed up and the family is on their way? How do the parents survive their family road trip?

Here are some ways parents can get through the trip unscathed.

  1. ZXD22

    Long road trips can be very boring and stressful with the kids constantly complaining about nothing to do. I would totally recommend having dual dvd screens in the back with possibly two sets of headphones so the kids will have something to watch. I even have a game system hooked to the infotainment system of my kia via an emulator on the android platform and it works via blue tooth with PS3 controllers. Works perfectly for a super long trip!

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