Syria Gas Attack: Assad’s Doing…Or False Flag?

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Published on April 7, 2017

Just days after the US Administration changed course on Syrian President Assad, saying he could stay, an alleged chemical weapon attack that killed dozens of civilians has been blamed on the Syrian government. Did Assad sign his own death warrant with such an attack…or does some other entity benefit?

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  1. Terrry Boo

    Mr. Paul, I think you are making light of this, implying that Assad was going to take care of things over there. You are saying that it was rebels, not Assad, that caused this chemical attack, but where is your proof of that? Also, if it were rebels and not Assad, why did Assad not do something about it? He fooled Obama, who threatened retaliation, but then used the excuse that Congress wouldn’t let him. He had no balls. Did you actually watch the videos of the citizens of that country – men, women, children – with their skin burned off? So many died in this, and you think Assad is innocent and took no part in this? Russia is saying this is an accident and their bombs accidentally hit an area that had chemical weapons stored. Seriously? And yes, you both do sound like you are defending Assad. Have you considered at all that if Assad got away with this and no retaliation from any country, he would continue doing it?

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