The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure

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Published on January 24, 2017

Full 2012 movie starring Christopher Lloyd and Ernie Hudson. When a mythical device from ancient times is rebuilt by a group of Confederates who feel the civil war never ended, Mickey Matson and his newfound friend, Sully, must follow a series of clues left by his dead grandfather to keep the evil men away from the three mystical objects that power the device. If he fails, it could mean not only the loss of his family’s home, but maybe the demise of our country as we know it. Director: Harold Cronk 2012 Stars: Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean), Derek Brandon, Patrika Darbo, Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) Watch more family movies here Watch more free movies at, or on the Popcornflix app available on mobile devices, Roku, Xbox, Sony, PlayStation and many more! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Popcornflix is owned/operated by Screen Media Ventures LLC.

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