Published on May 8, 2016

Happy May 4th everyone! Rob’s son Sebastian is a huge star wars fan and he loves Darth Vader. Rob thought it would be fun to see what happened if Vader woke him up in the morning.

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  1. kuyarobi

    What I thought was funny is that he woke up and reached for his light saber. Vader had the drop on him but he reach for his side arm and didn’t make a peep or cried for help. Then in the end he asked him to read a story to him. Classic.

  2. kootlefoosh

    Haha I was expecting Rob’s son Sebastian to freak out, but nope. He took it like a champ, it was funny to see the moment Rob broke character.

  3. cafwen

    Very cute – I’m impressed by how completely fearless the young one is – indeed, the force is strong with this one! Clearly a really fun dad to have – great video and so carefully planned! Thanks for sharing (and for getting the wife’s permission first.)

  4. Sanchi Poovaya

    Haha I love this kid! He’s totally unfazed. I was quite concerned about where the video was going but Sebastian’s a total rock star. It’s just the best when he calmly gets out of bed and picks up his own light saber. Three thumbs up! 🙂 I hope he makes a video of him waking his dad up a few years from now with something super clever. 😛

  5. jc428

    What a great dad! I’m glad to see that they caught such a cute bonding moment on camera. That kid is going to really appreciate the fun moments he shared with his dad.

  6. rldonah

    Yep, the force IS strong with that one hehe. He will make a strong Jedi someday. But first, storytime! And maybe some coloring hehe.

  7. Lisa Davis

    I love this video. It shows what a sweet little boy Sebastian is and how even he thinks that Darth Vadar could be his friend and read him a story. I particularly liked when the dad was prepping for the event and got the signed waiver from the kid’s mom allowing him to wake him up in costume!

  8. Nicholas Principe

    That’s a well done costume to be honest

  9. amonda

    That was so cute and funny. He really does seem like a tough little guy. I would have probably been scared out of my mind!

  10. lovelyrita08

    The kid handles it like a champ! I love this idea! I hope this father continues to do things like this to surprise his children as they grow. It would be so cool as an adult to be able to look back on something like this

  11. annahasataco

    I’d get traumatized for life to wake up and find a black clad figure with a sword standing in my bed room, and I’m saying this as a 20-ish year old!

  12. cristian jorja

    So Darth Vader comes into your room and threatens your life before you even get to see your 3rd birthday. What do you do? Nothing. Just chill out and show the Sith Lord your new coloring book. I have to say, the kid is growing on me.

  13. That is hilarious. He woke up and grabbed his sword he was ready to do whatever he needed to do. Children never seemed to let me down they are amazing. Cute little boy!

  14. Oakat

    Darth Vader is looking a little tubby. Maybe Sebastian thought he was the Santa Claus of the Dark Side? That’s why he gave Vader the book instead of expecting to receive something!

    By the way, aren’t those Force FX lightsabers kind of expensive for a two year old? When I was a kid, I only had the plastic ones that would extend in multiple pieces.

  15. victoria

    That is such a cute kid. I thought he would get scared and start crying but I was completely wrong. At that age, I might have screamed my little head of and threw any object I could find at him.

  16. ae.swanson

    Oh my goodness that was just adorable. My kids love Star Wars, but I don’t think they would have been like this kid and been so quiet about the attack. Then again, my youngest probably would have just tried to tackle daddy if he dressed up like Darth Vader.

  17. JGunterman

    Nice touch with the custom chest piece! I thought that was pretty clever and resourceful of him! The best part of the video for me was when the kiddo reached out and grabbed his own lightsaber though. Totally adorable video! I know have goals for when I become a dad. 😉

  18. ashley0323

    I saw this video floating around facebook the other day! I was laughing for 20 minutes and showed everyone in the house too! lol

  19. SirJoe

    Not what I was expecting, I thought that the kid would at least be a little bit frightened but, it doesn’t look like he was faded at all. Well he knew exactly what he had to do. He went straight for the light saber. lol

  20. Tomm89

    The force is strong with this one. This kid is tough, he wakes up to Darth Vader challenging him to a duel but nope, he had his lightsaber right there and ready. I am surprised a kid of this age didn’t freak out at the sight of a tall villain in his room that morning.

  21. PlaysBeDamned

    Well that’s one way to defeat a Sith Lord. And they said Anakin was the Chosen One. o.O
    Side note, where can I get lightsabers like those? My inner kid is screaming right now.

  22. FFExplorer

    This is the cutest thing ever! I love how the little kid’s first reaction is to reach for his lightsaber and face Darth Vader.

    And THEN, to decide that fighting wasn’t going to work, and to use the power cuteness and storybooks! ADORABLE!

  23. Mahi Fury

    Oh that was too funny… Vader got a lesson in the new Forced Morning Routine!

  24. L Gaki

    Sebastian is so cute! I expected him to cry upon seeing who’s waking him up, but it was adorable how brave he was as he took on Darth Vader without a second thought. I laughed so hard when he handed the book like he was asking Darth Vader to read him a story. This video also reminded us that before pranking or doing anything to your 2-year-old son, ask for your wife’s permission. Lol.

  25. brdwlk

    That’s hilarious. The force is, indeed, strong with this one! I mean this kid didn’t flinch, jump or anything. He calmly reached for his weapon and was ready to defend himself. I don’t think I would’ve handled that as calmly as he did.

    Bravo young Padawan… bravo.

  26. nicolek94

    That was a very cute video. The Darth Vader outfit looked awesome and kid was cute. I really liked this video.

  27. Van Mondido

    Sebastian will probably remember this day until he grows old. Love the kid’s reaction when he realized he was being woken up by Darth Vader. Immediately got hold of his lightsaber and engaged the Sith Lord to a duel. Realizing his predicament, he proceeded to charm his way into Vader’s heart.

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