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Published on March 20, 2015

Anything that elongates your height is a good thing. For example, vertical stripes in clothing can help extend the look of your shorter body. Patterns such as pinstripe, chalk stripe and herringbone also offer that “vertical” effect. Wearing a shirt and pants in the same color will prevent obvious breaks in your natural frame, and as a result can give the illusion that you’re taller.

In addition, dark colors, especially black, tend to have a slimming effect and help shorter men seem more elongated. The same applies to light or medium-weight fabrics. Heavier fabrics, on the other hand, tend to make you look bulkier and shorter.

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  1. cafwen

    Strangely, I’ve heard that horizontal stripes can actually do the same thing, it all depends on the thickness of the stripe. It was featured on QI a while ago and they actually showed two identical outfits, one with a horizontal and one with a vertical stripe, and the horizontal one (at least in that design) definitely made the person look slimmer. But you definitely can’t go wrong with dark colors!

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