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Published on March 20, 2015

Three things happen when women hit middle age when it comes to our fashion sense and style. Women whose bodies change, add a few pounds, and become uncomfortable in their own skin tend to hide their bodies in sweats or big blousy garments that show they have no shape.

Other women fall in love with a look that wowed at age 20 and earned compliments from the opposite sex and get stuck in that style. And other women keep it fresh and lively and attractive.

First, the hair – ladies if I just called you out with those hairdos described above. It’s time for a new do. Really! Go see a stylist.I would suggest a fun blend between say Samantha and Charlotte, which is both edgy and conservative. And if you have weight issues, please don’t hide it beneath oversized frocks that show you have no waist – even if your waist has grown past your comfort zone.

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  1. ZXD22

    I really enjoy a rich, lively and attractive girl. I keeps them light on their feet and nothing too major to prepare. I really prefer a more natural look, but whatever works eh? Great tips from the video though, I enjoyed it.

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