Travel Geek: Documentary Philippines (Full HD, Feature Length) by Cyle O’Donnell

Home Documentary Travel Geek: Documentary Philippines (Full HD, Feature Length) by Cyle O’Donnell
Published on December 23, 2015

NOTE: This film was edited for TV, not the internet. Therefore, the audio needs some assistance (i.e. headphones, good speakers, basically anything but your crappy laptop speakers). I am aware of the audio issue. The majority of the rest of the Travel Geek Documentaries were shot and edited for the internet. So the issue is all taken care of. Thank you for all your comments.

This is a corrected video from the previous Philippines doc that didn’t upload correctly to YouTube. To start where that on left off, just go to 10:10.

Sorry about the delay, been out filming in Singapore. Sorry for the inconvenience. And thanks to my subscribers for updating me and letting me know to fix the video!! Your wish is my command!

Original description:

This version has been edited to update time-sensitive and older exchange rate information.

Be sure to watch the director’s cut of this film here:

Original Description:

Follow Cyle O’Donnell, The Travel Geek, through thousands of miles of island hopping and mountain climbing aboard everything from drug-toting vessels to giant jeeps, riding topside on buses, through boot-breaking climbs and majestic waterfalls. See the original six-part series as well as tutorials, photography advice and travel tips for the Philippines at

The Travel Geek and Moving Stills Media is currently in its 8th year of travel and production around the globe. Spanning more than three dozen countries on four continents, Cyle O’Donnell, has produced 10 books, seven films and more then 75,000 photos covering more then 40,000 miles of treks (14,000 of which was on a bicycle)!

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  1. ZXD22

    Love to visit the Philippines some time in the future. I feel like along the coast it would be a fabulous vacation spot for a week or two!

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