Undercover Common Core Vid: Exec Says “I hate kids…it’s all about the money”

Home Controversy Undercover Common Core Vid: Exec Says “I hate kids…it’s all about the money”
Published on January 13, 2016

In this shocking explosive video of this new series about Common Core, a senior Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt sales executive says she hates kids and the textbook manufacturers prefer profits to the needs of school children across America. “Oh my God, it’s all a money game. It’s all a money game,” confirms one Brooklyn teacher.

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  1. walkertexasranger

    God, this is insane. It’s despicable. But it’s the exact same thing everywhere. Pharmaceutical companies don’t actually care about patients. Insurance companies couldn’t give less of a crap about it’s customers. Complete and utter BS and these are the people practically running the world. But no one bats an eye because they’ve done it for so long. It’s stereotypical to say but greed has in many ways ruined the country.

  2. madetofly

    I can’t really blame the companies that sell school materials. It’s the politicians that should be held accountable for pushing these things. Publishing companies are just companies. Their purpose is to make money. Politicians are supposed to be looking out for the education side, but they are always on the monetary side.

  3. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    I’m not even surprised honestly. The only thing surprising here is that she openly admitted it and openly saying, “I hate kids.” I mean they’re a publishing company, of course they’re in it for the money. Doesn’t matter what the causes are, people will always prioritize the profit that it will make, especially when huge budget is involved

  4. Ccaminha

    What a disgusting woman, she hates kids and even works to make their lives worse, for money!… Why do people like her are even allowed to exist anyway? This kind of people shouldn’t even be allowed to work with something that involves kids, kids are developing and they need support – not hate.

  5. Austin Miller

    Hm, anti common core brigade takes what educational publishers have done all along and exposes it now that its convenient for them. Seems like no one actually understands common core, I know several teachers in my area with 70% poverty rating in their schools that have no problem teaching and showing results with common core.

  6. ZXD22

    So true. Publishing companies do all of this just to make a quick buck and to pull a fast one and sadly it works 99% of the time! Why can’t we go back to the simpler days where the teacher taught us by herself and we all would be able to understand her very well…

  7. rz3300

    Well I think that the really sad thing is that I am not surprised at all. I actually work in the child care industry and it is amazing how many things that you can point to that go against the actual care of the person in favor of the money. That is just the world that we live in though, and it is certainly not just this industry where that happens. It is sad, but something that we need to deal with.

  8. Lisa Davis

    Actually, I think it is kind of refreshing that she’s honest. Just because she hates kids doesn’t mean that she is bad at her job, which is an account manager, meaning she likely sells the books to schools and rarely deals with the children themselves. It’s not like she creates the books herself even. I mean, I don’t think you’re going to be up for humanitarian of the year if you go on spouting that you hate children, old people, or animals, but I don’t think she should be that criticized for her comment. That’s why we have freedom of speech, right?

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