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Published on March 1, 2016

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  1. Paul Cousens

    Yes that video was very motivational. I find messages through movies and small videos like this very impacktful.

    It is all true. It is our mindset.

  2. madetofly

    Motivational videos are always great to improve your mood. Once I failed the test to get to college and had to spend another years studying. The next day I was bad, and so I satrted to watch motivational videos, they really helped making my day better, and they still do. This one is quite powerful.

  3. Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail

    “Ultimately the only thing that’s stopping you is your mindset.” This statement is so true. We always think that we can’t make it, that there’s a lot of problems out there that are stopping you from achieving. If we really put our mind into it, then we can definitely overcome a lot of the problems.

  4. ZXD22

    Very motivational and heart touching. Everyone can change if they put their heart to it and make an effort. It is true that our minds are very powerful as said so in the video and we continue to learn more about our body every single day and strive for perfection.

  5. ansantana92

    Very touching. There are days that we need to remind ourselves that we got take responsability for our lives.
    We need to understand that fear has to be our fuel.
    What a powerful video.


  6. rz3300

    Well I can certainly use all the help that I can get when it comes to finding some inner motivation, so thank you for the share. It is a great message to spread and I am glad that I came across it. The whole matter of taking responsibility should probably ring true with all of us in some fashion, and hopefully it can motivate us to go out and make some changes.

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